Here’s What’s NEW…

OPENING DAY is finally here: Friday, 7/6!!

It has been quite a rollercoaster of weather from early spring until the heat wave that hit at the beginning of July. The flowers have had a lot to deal with but we are FINALLY at that wonderful time when ZAWADZKI Farm Stand opens for the cut flower business. Our regular hours will be 10 – 6, Thursday thru Sunday, or by appointment for bulk stem purchases, custom orders, or subscription service orders. The rest of the week we are busy weeding, mulching, watering and pruning to get the best results from our flowers so you, in turn, get the freshest local and responsibly grown cut flowers around.

NEW for the 2018 season: The Farm Stand has moved to the first red building BEHIND the house in order to afford better protection from wind, rain, heat, and excessive sun. The move inside also gives us the opportunity to offer for sale quality handcrafted items by local artisans. There is a lovely collection of quilted potholders, placemats, and coin purses, well-crafted and reasonably priced. If jewelry is your weak spot, there is a colorful array of glass bead earrings, necklaces and matching sets, both attractive and affordable.


Dedicated parking spots (literally) on the premises give customers safer access to the farm stand, away from busy ROUTE 116.

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As for the flowers we grow on the farm, we make bundles of lily, bee balm, Shasta daisy, coneflower, achillea, calla lily, butterfly weed, veronica, eryngium, phlox, obedient plant, sunflower, zinnias, dahlias and more, as well as an assortment of herbs which adds another layer of fragrance to the mix of color and texture that makes our bouquets so popular; so popular, in fact, that you may become a regular customer! And if you are, make sure you pick up a FREQUENT BUYERS CARD in the shop. If you present it every time you buy flowers from ZAWADZKI FARM, you get stamped for every $5 worth you spend and when the 10 stamps are collected, that card is worth $5 off your next purchase!

The sunflowers are just about ready to begin their bloom in waves for the rest of the summer as are the zinnias and dahlias, so the offerings and bouquet designs change constantly. Whether you are buying for yourself or gifting flowers to someone else, ZAWADZKI FARM cut flowers are all grown on site and painstakingly tended with environmentally friendly practices to offer customers LOCAL FLOWERS that are a GREENER CHOICE.