The wait is over…Sunflowers and Sweet Corn are here!



Better late than never!  Weather conditions this spring that led to delays in seed germination were a source of frustration for anyone who sells their harvest, with no 4th of July sweet corn or sunflowers to grace the picnic table. The recent heat wave, following a few days of steady rain and gloomy drizzle, has kicked everything growing into high gear. Sunflowers are blooming in a frenzy, pumpkin vines in the field are starting to blossom, and the local sweet corn is finally here!  After planting some Indian corn this spring, only to watch it wash away in the heavy spring rains, we decided to leave the corn growing to seasoned farmers.  A happy mistake in driving directions landed us in the barnyard of Allen Zuchowski, of Lazy Acre Farm in Hadley, a B2B farmer who graciously agreed to sell us corn for resale at our stand.  So we now have sweet corn on the table, along with the sunflower bundles and mixed flower arrangements. We will start out selling Fridays through Sundays, adding other days if there is demand enough for it; today is a bonus day to get the word out, by way of visual appeal, that Zawadzki Farm now has fresh sweet corn available weekly.  20170719_105054

When you see the giant ear of corn in the front yard, we have it.  Not sure what the technical variety of corn is that we are getting from Allan but we are calling it College Corn, as the young lady selling most days is on her way to college this fall and looking to supplement her other part-time job by movin’ some ears and savin’ for school (she even made the corn sign)! 

The cost is $5.00 per dozen, in line with the local rate, so stop on in and put corn on the dinner menu tonight!



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