Shifting Gears

Well, it was good corn that we were tried to add to the offering at our roadside stand a few weeks back; just ask the neighbor’s cow who got to eat several dozen ears! But there’s no use crying over spilled milk, especially since it turned into such a delight for Gutter. Were he not a steer, he may have spilled his own milk when he realized it wasn’t just husks and cobs, that there was still raw corn on them! We haven’t given up on the idea of sweetcorn; a reworking of the business plan is in order and it may find us planting our own.  Don’t worry…we learned alot from the Indian Corn planted this spring which promptly washed away. Won’t make that same mistake!

Unlike the corn attempt, the sunflower bundles and mixed flower bouquets are selling well and our customers are happy to see that our section of Rte. 116 is newly resurfaced. As hoped, the zinnias and strawflowers are in full production lending beautiful color and texture to the mixed bouquets. 20170806_145551.jpgThe college-bound young lady who was hoping for a good corn season is now learning to arrange flowers instead. Her specialty is the new tin can bouquet.

20170730_131916Adaptation is something one learns living on a farm, working with what you do have and being grateful when things still work out, albeit by a different route.

“Live and learn; learn to live.”


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  1. Mr. D says:

    Lovely post, always well written. As you begin your day outsides communicating that experience even if frustrating is an interesting article. I enjoy reading your posts and others will also. You have a gift for writing and gardening and need to incorporate both.

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