About Us

It’s a new day for Zawadzki Farm.

Decades ago the plot of land on which the farm stands was given to the daughter of a local farmer for her wedding gift. On it, the family raised chickens and vegetables for themselves and sold whatever they could. It was a tough life and nobody got rich; hard times saw acres of the original homestead sold off but what remains is a lovely meadow in one of the few remaining agricultural zones left in South Hadley. The family of a grandchild of the original owners are the present stewards of this farm and over the past many years they have restored overgrown meadows, planted beneficial native flowers, shrubs and trees to support the local wildlife, established cash crops to sell at the roadside stand, and lovingly restored the old farmhouse and landscaped the grounds for maximum enjoyment of this little gem of a farmstead.

The cut flower business operating from the farm during the growng season continues to earn new customers every season, both retail and wholesale. We sell flowers in sleeve bundles, ready-made-bouquets in vases, jars and cans, by-the-stem from our cutting beds, and we do special orders with advance notice. Our prices are reasonable and the flowers will be cut fresh and arranged no more than 1 day before your event.  Contact us for more information about special orders. A NEW offering beginning in 2019 is our Subscription Service. Purchase an entire summer’s worth of flowers, to be delivered locally every week–great for your business or to send to someone special. Call or stop in to find out more or place an order.

A decison to move the farm stand for 2018 off the roadside and back on the property to the first red building BEHIND the house probably confused some of our customers who were used to seeing the flowers out near the street for the past several years.  But the move further back, BEHIND THE HOUSE, gives customers a safer entry and exit and allowed us to open a gift shop to complement the flower sales, highlighting the quality handiwork of some local artisans with a lovely collection of quilted potholders, placemats, coin purses and snap clutches, well-crafted and reasonably priced; a colorful selection of REVERSIBLE children’s aprons in sizes TODDLER to BIG KID; and a colorful array of glass bead earrings, bracelets, and necklaces and matching sets, both attractive and affordable. Furniture items in the shop are also for sale, from refinished old pieces to new and upcycled pieces.


When you stop in to buy some flowers be sure to pick up a FREQUENT BUYERS CARD in the shop. If you present it every time you buy flowers from ZAWADZKI FARM, you get stamped for every $5 worth you spend and when the 10 stamps are collected, that card is worth $5 off your next purchase! Fill in all 10 spaces and return your card with contact information to be entered to win a FREE bouquet of flowers every week next summer (10-12 weeks)! There is only ONE prize, and YOU may be the lucky one!


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Whether buying flowers for yourself, someone else or creating arrangements for a special event, Zawadzki Farm Local Flowers are the freshest, greenest flowers around. Our flowers are fresh cut every day and we use only natural fertilizers and absolutely NO PESTICIDES OR HERBICIDES on any of our crops. This makes for a lot of time bent over weeding manually, but in the end we know our stewardship of the land is fulfilled; we treat the land and all the life above and below the ground as partners and so create a respectful, symbiotic ecosystem that benefits all.

  • The Farm Stand opens with the peony bloom in late spring, followed by the rest of our flowers, including sunflowers, typically ready for harvest at the beginning of July (sometimes a bit sooner), and our regular hours for the farm stand are Saturday & Sunday from 10 am – 6 pm, FLOWER SUPPLY PERMITTING.
  • Custom orders can be placed any time by phone, text or email.