It’s a new day for Zawadzki Farm.

Decades ago the plot of land on which the farm stands was given to the daughter of a local farmer for her wedding gift.  On it, the family raised chickens and vegetables for themselves and sold whatever they could.  It was a hard life and nobody got rich; in fact, it was the kind of life none of the children who were raised there wanted.  Skip a generation and you get a granddaughter and her own family returning to their roots to sow, cultivate and harvest on one of the few remaining agricultural zones left in South Hadley.  With a hardworking husband by her side, the pair, over the past many years, have restored overgrown meadows, planted beneficial native flowers, shrubs and trees to support the local wildlife, established cash crops to sell at the roadside stand, and lovingly restored the old farmhouse and landscaped the grounds for maximum enjoyment of this little gem of a farmstead.

From late June through October you will find the roadside stand generally open, if weather and harvest offerings allow.  We sell cut flowers in both bundle bouquets and prearranged in vases from June until frost. October brings us pumpkins and this year we will have both sugar pumpkins and field pumpkins…       Stop in and see the Pumpkin King for a deal!

Our flowers are fresh cut every day and we use only natural fertilizers and absolutely NO PESTICIDES OR HERBICIDES on any of our crops.  This makes for a lot of time bent over weeding manually, but in the end we know our stewardship of the land is fulfilled; we treat the land and all the beneficial critters above and below the ground as partners and, in turn, we get glorious flowers, whopping pumpkins, and vegetables you can eat right off the vine.

We even do some small special orders for folks looking for floral table centerpieces for a shower, birthday or other special event.  Most often the customer supplies the vase or jar (often decorated beforehand) and we do the rest.  Our prices are very reasonable and the flowers will be cut fresh and arranged no more than 1 day before your event. Stop in to the Farm Stand or Contact us for more information about special orders.