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We are fast approaching the end of flower season. The last of the blooms will be for sale until frost shuts us down. Check the sidebar on this page for any exception to the usual Farm Stand hours which are Friday – Sunday, 10 – 6.

ONLINE ORDERING is over for the season, but we will be back at it in late spring 2020! Thank you to all our customers; we hope to see you next year!

During the flower season, typically May – August, if you’d like flowers for a specific date/event or are simply looking for flowers for your own enjoyment order here and choose a pick up time that works for you!

ZAWADZKI FARM does flowers differently

…and that matters!

Please keep in mind that field grown flowers are cut early in the morning for that day so they will not be quick to wilt. And we are happy to fill your flower needs aside from what we sell at the flower stand Friday – Sunday provided we have the flowers to do so, but giving us advance notice is your best bet. If you want multiple flower items, please give us a few days notice so we can “reserve” standing stems for you!!  You can call, text, or email us or use the “order a pickup” page where you can also pay in advance by credit card.  Bear in mind, however, that our flower supply is at the mercy of Mother Nature because of our philosopy of resource conservation where we try to rely on rain rather than using potable water to irrigate the beds. In short, we sell what grows under typical conditions and do not take extreme measures to pull off a harvest, so our flower offerings can be inconsistent. HOW we grow is as important as WHAT we grow–that’s just how our small flower farm does things and we rely on customers who believe our way is the more eco-friendly way to bring beautiful, local flowers to your table!

The Flower Stand is open for retail sales of bouquets on weekends during the most abundant times of the harvesting season. YOU’LL KNOW WE ARE OPEN when the sandwich board and “OPEN” flag are out at the roadside welcoming you!

More details follow below…

Flower Stand Sales and On-line Ordering

In keeping true to our philosophy of growing flowers that give so much to us and the natural world by focusing our efforts on proper cultivation and management, so each seed has a chance and every plant can be its best as well as keeping waste to a minimum, we limit the days the Flower Stand is open for ready-made bouquets to focus on cut-to-order and pre-paid customers.  Cut-To-Order for PICK-UP requests can be made at any time by phone, email, or our online ordering pages here on the website. Our signs at the street are out when the Stand is open for the day but if you need flowers other days or something in particular, use the online ordering system or just call or email 7 days a week to request FLOWERS FOR PICK-UP or CUSTOM ARRANGEMENTS at your convenience.

Despite the limited Flower Stand hours, we hope that our online ordering system that accepts credit cards and PayPal and our priorty on cut-to-order for pick-up, and customer orders, will encourage you to support your local flower farmer because “our local flowers are a greener choice!”  

And, by the way,

If you were working on filling the stamps of your Frequent Buyer’s Card, hold onto it; it is transferable into the next season. When the card is full with 10 stamps it is worth $5 off your next visit.